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Hello to my fellow Parishioners!

My name is Susan Walsh. As Director of the preschool, I have the esteemed privilege of coordinating our wonderful preschool program at St. Louis de Montfort. We are beginning our 23rd year in September. I began at the preschool as a parent in 1996 and have been with the school ever since! Our school has been dubbed, “The best kept secret in Sound Beach.” Let me introduce you to our school!

At St. Louis de Montfort Preschool, we are a small parent cooperative school with a big heart that continues to make a big impact on the children in our community. We continue to make progressive strides in our curriculum, but still adhere to our founding director’s philosophy of learning through socialization, creativity and lots of love. We are proud of our intergenerational learning environment. Our success lies not just in our wonderful staff, but in the unending support of our parents, grandparents and caring family members who have contributed their time, love and talent to our children.

I have attached a brochure that highlights our program. I am available by appointment to talk and tour the school. Our goal at St. Louis is to make your child’s first introduction to school a positive, nurturing experience filled with lots of love for learning and friendship! My hope is that you consider our school for your children, grandchildren, or to share with a neighbor!

I look forward to welcoming you to our preschool family!

Susan Walsh
Preschool Director

We are a Parent Cooperative Program that offers classes for 3 & 4 Year-old children.

3 Year Old Program
Tuesday & Thursday
9:30—12:00 (A.M. Session)


1:00—3:30 (P.M. Session)
Tuition— Upon Request
4 Year old Program
Monday, Wednesday & Friday
9:30—12:00 (A.M. Session)


1:00—3:30 (P.M. Session)
Tuition— Upon Request
Our Program follows the  September-June
Miller Place School Calendar


We have been nicknamed “the best kept secret” in town. Our social based program gives children the confidence and starting tools to succeed in elementary school. We create a monthly curriculum that focus’ on:

  • Children’s Literature
  • Intro to Religious Education
  • Handwriting Without Tears Program for 4 year old students. Intro for 3 year old students.
  • Alphabet (writing, recognition, sounds and application)
  • Introduction to applied Science
  • Introduction to Math concepts and number recognition
  • Use of various Art mediums 
  • Music and Movement
  • Critical Thinking/Problem Solving
  • Responsibilities in the classroom
  • Development of small and large motor skills
  • Separation
  • Sharing
  • Following Directions/Listening
  • Work in full group setting
  • Manners & Respect

Call today to enroll your child in our loving, nurturing program! Our goal is to create the foundation for a positive learning future for your little one!