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Thank you to Most Reverend Bishop Henning, Msgr. Chris Heller, Fr. Lenard Sabio, Deacon Gary Swane, Deacon Robert Mullane, Deacon Patrick Gerace, and Deacon Peter Shultz for your presence and special role during the sacrament of Confirmation!  

Thank you, also, to the MANY who graciously assisted with all of the numerous preparations for the actual sacramental celebration, as well as the multi-year accomplishments of the various requirements for each Confirmandi. The fruit of your loving labors were most evident on May 6th!

It is a special event that brings many graces upon all of us in St. Louis de Montfort.   Most importantly, we were privileged to welcome our Confirmandi into full membership within this parish.   May they continue to be blessed and find joy in their experience of fullness in membership as Disciples of our Risen Lord.

May God continue to bless all of the parents, families, teachers, and staff for all that you did to prepare our Confirmandi. You are living examples of God’s love and mercy!


Abundant blessings,

Virginia Blass,

Director of Faith Formation