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What is Stewardship?

Stewardship is a lifestyle of accountability and responsibility. Stewards see themselves as the caretakers of all Gods' gifts. It is a way of thanking God for our blessings by returning to God a portion of the many gifts that we have been given.

God has given each of us certain gifts. Stewardship encourages everyone to participate in building the Kingdom of God by fully utilizing our gifts.

What difference will Stewardship make in my life?

It is so easy to put our lives and hold and, with it, all of our good intentions. If we wait until, "Someday when we have more time," or "When we've reached our goals," what will happen to all those in need of our gifts and talents?

Effective stewardship education and formation relies on leadership by example. It encourages us to make a difference and become involved.

True conversion has taken place in the hearts and minds of many who embrace Stewardship as a way of life.

What is meant by giving of one's time, talents, and material possessions?

Our time, our talents, and our material possessions constitute just some of the treasures we have been given by our very generous God.

Sharing these gifts involves being with God in prayer and worship, using our gifts to help build God's Kingdom among our family and friends, our workplace, and our communities and parishes. It means becoming ministers of the Gospel in our communities and parishes in new (and perhaps not-so-new) ways!

Am I expected to give all of what I have been given to the church?

No. The church teaches that the primary vocation of the laity is to transform the world to Christ. We do this best when we share and use the gifts our generous God has given us in love and justice first at home, then in the workplace, then in our communities and parishes.

We have an important responsibility to our parish to plan ways we can use and share our gifts there, but we must remember that our sense of stewardship needs to be kept broad and holistic.

The life of a Christian steward models the life of Jesus. It is challenging and even difficult, in many respects, yet intense joy comes to those who take the risk to live as Christian stewards.

What's the difference between Stewardship and fund raising?

Stewardship is based on our need to give out of gratitude to our most generous God, not on the church’s (or any other charity's) need to receive.

There will always be needs of a parish or any other charity or institution. Fund raising efforts are built around institutional or charitable needs (a new roof, a new boiler, renovated buildings, etc.)

Good stewards respond to the needs that fund raising efforts address, but they always focus on the primary fact that, as disciples of Jesus who have been gifted by a most generous God, we need to give!

What's the difference between Stewardship and tithing?

In terms of financial resources, Stewardship invites parishioners to give a percentage of their income that represents their sacrifice to the parish and other charities. Tithing is the biblical notion of giving one-tenth (10%) of our money.

Good stewards reflect upon their current level of giving, and consider "Taking-a-Step" to a higher level of giving, if possible. The ultimate goal may be to achieve the biblical tithe, or it could be less or more, depending upon what a person/family has concluded through prayer and reflection.

The important thing is to take the first step of faith by putting God first.